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It has not been. At daybreak on Friday morning, April. The only occupant of the Goose Creek House was a gray owl. A couple of miles up the mountain the snow grew deep and thenceforward snow shoes were our only practical means of locomotion.

The trail. Back in the hills on the east side are the mining camps of Lake City,. The lake was still frozen, but the last rains here raised its surface so as to leave a rim of open water. Once upon the ice however we had about 10 miles of fine traveling. In every direction now a bleak wilderness of snowy mountains surrounds the lake. Salmon swarm up the Payette as far as the lake in vast number, but do not pass it. Redfish are scarcely seen below it. The redfish spawn in August and September along the sandy shores and up all the creeks of any size and have been taken in large quantities.

Those who have occasion to pass over the lake when the first sheet of ice forms in the winter tell marvelous tales of the abundance of piscatorial life in the clear and silent depths. At the head of the lake the mail carrier has a comfortable cabin where he stops. Then another days tramp brings us to a similar lodging place at the Little. Here the snow has increased to 7 feet in depth.


All this region is now completely. The bears and eagles live upon the redfish, and the deer and elk upon the very luxuriant grass and in early winter some very fine pine-martins and fishers may be taken, but now they are all gone, there is not even a rabbit track. In these mountains mountain sheep are said to dwell. I have yet to meet the individual who has killed or even seen one, yet shreds of what is claimed to be their white wool are often found.

From the Little Lake the route winds over the mountains, crossing the divide that separates the waters flowing into the Payette from those flowing into Salmon river, to the Warm Springs on the principal road from Warrens to Florence.


Here our host, Fred Burgdorf, never fails. During this summer Fred plans to. Another day's snowshoeing of 20 miles brought us to Warrens, where you must. There is no place to go unless you strike out. The mail has been carried by Thomas Clay this past winter without a break of failure. The snow in Warrens basin is nearly gone, and placer mining has commenced.

There has been nothing doing in quartz the past winter. An old pioneer of this camp, Chas.

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McKay, was found dead lately near his cabin on the Southfork of Salmon, 14 miles east of here, under circumstances which indicated that his clothes caught fire while in bed and that in making for the river near make good wages there during the summer. In favor of the lower Weiser, it may be said that the. Everything up and down the county wears a prosperous look. The schools are. We attended a customary weekly exhibition in Indian Valley and. There followed a regular old-fashioned spelling school, in. Idaho Tri-Weekly Statesman, June 22, - " Jim Summers and another man, Summers raised a small party and went out there, and saw a horse, and went towards him, and when near enough they saw an Indian was picketing the horse; and about the same time they were fired upon by a band of Indians some distance off.

One ball hit Summers in the shoulder, and another man was struck or graxed by a bullet near his mouth. Summers party think there were ten or fifteen Indians. At all events, the whites left the Indians as they were too strong for them. Isaac Spoor first Indian Valley settler and present Postmaster. Council has a population of about In his letter, White explains the location of various family's homes, etc.

Fredrick Jicomas “Fred G” Borland () - Find A Grave Memorial

Said, was shot and killed by a shotgun blast from a Weiser deputy sheriff. Said got drunk and disorderly in a Weiser saloon and began shooting at the deputy when he attempted to arrest Said. Editor says when sober, Jack was a quiet, industrious and inoffensive citizen. George Moser is still recovering from wounds to his leg which he suffered in an attack by a grizzly bear "some time ago". He is not expected to be able to walk for another month or more.

Peters is building an addition to his Weiser brewery and adding to his house too. Coal found at Indian Valley - locals are burning it. Council Valley - "vacant land is very scarce. Emery Boggs mentioned as a miner at the Mineral Mining Dist. Railroad is approaching Baker via the Blue Mts. Draper, Louis Lakey, Henry F.

Day, Andrew Peck, H.

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Perry Clark, member of the 6th Idaho Legislature and resident of Salubria valley, two years ago was struck with paralysis and must walk with crutches. First ever school in Meadows opened Nov 26, with 10 pupils. Some pupils listed. This was written on the Friday mentioned, and the paper came out on Saturday, the 5th.

It is generally understood that this depot location is only temporary. Glenn, editor Two people were robbed at gunpoint Saturday night. There is some worry that a new town will be created at the depot east of the Weiser River and that it will replace the town of Weiser. Hourly hacks transport people between Weiser hotels and business and the depot. There are four buildings at the depot: a "saloon in full blast", a lumber company office, another office building, a two-stall round house. The Western Union telegraph office is inside the depot.

Under heading, "At the Weiser depot": Hotel being built. Tom Price is the discoverer and owner of a Soda mine at the foot of Mann's Creek grade. Died after a long illness on March 1: Sarah E.

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Wilkie, wife of Frederick C. Wilkie of Hornet Creek. Letter from Robert P. White of Council about a trip to Meadows: "They have a saw and grist mill owned by Messrs. Editor Wm. Glenn angrily blasts R. Says Strahorn is trying to defraud Weiser and profit by creating a new town on property bought by the company at the depot.

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