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Sessions is mentioned in the 2 and 3 March entries in connection with a court case. Sayers appears in a business transaction in the 7 March entry, while Joseph Smith visited Lyon shortly after the death of her baby on 24 December Lyon in March and Joseph Smith is less compelling, as it is based on an unsigned, unnotarized affidavit-in-the-making incompletely dated to Smart, Donna Toland, ed. Bushman, Rough Stone Rolling, — Bushman, Richard Lyman.

Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling. With the assistance of Jed Woodworth.

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New York: Knopf, In May , Parley P. The Prophet.

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New York City, NY. May —Dec. JS, Journal, 10 Apr. As a Whig paper, the Sangamo Journal had been publishing articles against the church ever since Joseph Smith published his endorsement of the Democratic candidate for Illinois governor. James Arlington Bennet , who had recently discussed the forthcoming book with John C.

Bennett himself, wrote Smith that he John C. Bennett, John C. Boston: Leland and Whiting, Smith, Andrew F. John Cook Bennett. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, Ford, Thomas. Chicago: S. Griggs; New York: Ivison and Phinney, New-York Daily Tribune. New York City. Salt Lake Daily Tribune.

Salt Lake City. JS, Journal, 12 May and 21 Aug. Letter from Gen. On the other hand, Orson Hyde asserted in that Nancy created the story of a proposal after Joseph Smith had reproved her for immoral behavior. The letter can be read in light of plural marriage without requiring it to refer to a proposal to Nancy and, given its emphasis on the blessings following obedience, may even have its origin in an issue altogether unrelated to plural marriage.

Bennett, History of the Saints, —; John W. Rigdon, Affidavit, Salt Lake Co. Copy at CHL. JS, Journal, 26 Aug. Nauvoo Aug. Woodruff, Wilford. Wilford Woodruff, Journals and Papers, — JS, Journal, 15 July JS, Journal, 20 Jan. Papers in the Case of Maxwell vs. Cannon, H. Papers in the Case of Maxwell v. Von Wymetal, Wilhelm [W. Wyl, pseud. San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco.

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See Appendix 1. See Revelation, ca. Phelps, [Independence, MO], 27 Nov. Kirtland, OH: F. Williams, Turley Jr. Lorimer, eds. Joseph Smith Collection.

Do you know of any Joseph Smith documents that we might not have heard about? Tell us. All rights reserved. Published Volumes. Home Introduction to Journals: Volume 2 Nauvoo Journals, December —April The journals presented in this volume cover a seventeen-month period marked by the continued growth of the church, significant doctrinal developments, the ongoing settlement of the community, and the maturing of Joseph Smith as a political and religious leader.

Like most of the journal entries found in volume 1 of the Journals series, the Nauvoo journals were written entirely by scribes who accompanied Joseph Smith, not by the Mormon leader himself. The journals in volume 1 ended as the Latter-day Saints, having been driven from , began to gather at , Illinois.

References in the journal to the recorder, scribe, or secretary always refer to Richards; the other scribes did not make reference to themselves. During the two-year interruption in journal keeping, much happened to set the stage for the events detailed in the journals. Failing to win any promises of support from either president or Congress, Smith returned to in March Each limited the terms of office for city officials to either one or two years, for example, and the legislative powers granted to the Nauvoo City Council were essentially the same as those granted to and.

Most members of the church voted the Whig ticket in in both national and local elections, in part as a result of their disappointment with Democrat and his failure to help them obtain redress for their losses in. Several months before the gubernatorial elections in Illinois, however, Joseph Smith published a lengthy article endorsing Democratic candidates Adam W.

Snyder and John Moore running for Illinois governor and lieutenant governor, respectively , citing their support for the charter as a primary consideration. We will never be justly charged with the sin of ingratitude—they have served us, and we will serve them.

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A revelation dated 19 January , however, marked a turning point in his history. In effect, the revelation released Smith and the church from their obligation—for the time being, at least—to build a city and temple in Missouri and refocused their attention on Illinois. Therefore for this cause have I accepted the offerings of those whom I commanded to build up a city and a house unto my name, in , Missouri, and were hindered by their enemies. The same revelation identified several priorities for the Saints in , including the need to construct two buildings in —neither one of which Joseph Smith would live to see completed.

With sixteen companies of local militia looking on and thousands of people vying for a view, Joseph Smith directed the laying of the temple cornerstones on 6 April One of the specific ordinances to be performed in the was vicarious baptism for deceased persons. Such baptisms were performed in the by September During the two years preceding the commencement of these journals, important changes were made in church leadership as well.

Joseph Smith received additional assistance from the Quorum of the , whose members began returning to in July after a two-year mission in England. Seeing the Mormons as potential allies who might help him obtain his political goals, , Grand Master of the Columbus Lodge, endorsed the request and created a temporary lodge in Nauvoo on 15 October Joseph Smith, who had not been a Mason earlier, was not involved with these early efforts to establish a local lodge, although he served as Grand Chaplain at the installation of the permanent Nauvoo lodge on 15 March He and were admitted as members of the lodge that same day.

The period between journals — had its share of challenges as well. One of the most significant came in when governor issued a requisition to the governor of , , to extradite Joseph Smith to Missouri as a fugitive from justice.

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This requisition arose from alleged treason and other charges brought against Joseph Smith, , and others during the Mormon conflicts in Missouri. Carlin signed the extradition order in September , but no arrest attempt was made until 5 June Joseph Smith obtained a writ of habeas corpus in , Illinois, and was discharged five days later in Monmouth after circuit court judge ruled that the arrest warrant was invalid.

When began writing the journals in this volume, and the surrounding area were experiencing a population boom. In , Joseph Smith identified Nauvoo as an important gathering place for the Saints; by January , he estimated that twelve thousand Saints lived in the area. Joseph Smith planned to make the required payments for some of these properties by selling lots to those moving into the city.

Speculators holding land in nearby areas such as , , and also solicited Joseph Smith, leading to similar land contracts in some of these areas. Many journal entries deal with building the and the. As a result, Joseph Smith publicly denounced other developers like , , and , whose business enterprises, he believed, impeded these church building projects. By the end of , Joseph and had four children to support, as well as others who lived in their home as household help or as wards.

While Joseph Smith seems to have spent relatively little time directly managing or operating the store, journal entries indicate his continued involvement in stocking the store with hard-to-find goods. Similarly, although he turned the management of his farm over to , Joseph Smith rode the three miles from to visit Lott and hoe potatoes during the summer.

Both the store and the farm—as well as his other business concerns and the building projects he oversaw as trustee for the church—affected the economic lives of numerous residents. As lieutenant general of the , he oversaw the training, staffing, and supplying of more than two thousand troops of the militia.


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Cases involving slander, assault, petty thievery, and disorderly conduct occupied much of the court docket, although more specialized and technical cases occasionally appeared, such as the Dana v. Brink medical malpractice suit. The forty-one pages of the journal dedicated to recording the graphic testimony of witnesses in this trial probably reflect scribe Dr. Through all of this, and especially during the year , Joseph Smith directed and oversaw important developments in the doctrine and organization of the church.

These included publishing writings of the biblical patriarch Abraham that Smith said he translated from papyri he had obtained from an antiquities dealer several years earlier in , Ohio. Teachings about the priesthood, the Abrahamic covenant, premortal life, astronomy, and the Creation overshadow the more familiar elements of the biblical narrative and were considered significant enough for the church to accept the record into its official canon in The same status was eventually given to two lengthy letters Joseph Smith wrote during this time that further discuss the doctrine and practice of baptism for the dead.

Explaining the need and procedure for making an official record of each baptism, the letters—both of which were copied into the journal—discuss the ordinance in terms of an unfolding objective to provide for the salvation of the whole human family through priesthood ordinances whose efficacy reached beyond the grave.

During the years covered in these journals, Joseph Smith also delivered important discourses on a variety of topics ranging from gospel basics, such as obedience and gaining knowledge, to the second coming of Christ, the nature of God, and the ultimate destiny of the earth. Some of these discourses were copied into his journal, and a few, such as the writings of Abraham and the letters about baptism for the dead, were eventually canonized.

Smith also shared with a few trusted associates new rituals that would later be performed in the and that added to the ceremonies that had earlier been introduced in the. The Relief Society, as it came to be called, quickly grew to a membership of over one thousand Mormon women in the Nauvoo area. By December , the end of the first year covered in these journals, Joseph Smith had explained the doctrine of plural marriage to a few of his closest associates and was practicing it himself. Glimpses into the reasons for introducing the practice and his understanding of the doctrine behind it are provided in some of his translations and revelations.

The Book of Mormon, for example, taught that monogamy was the rule but that it was permissible for one man to have multiple wives when God commanded. A revelation recorded 12 July —the general outlines of which were reportedly understood much earlier—accordingly taught that Abraham, who was married to Sarah, was under no condemnation for taking Hagar as a second wife because the Lord had commanded him to do so.

According to the revelation, other ancient prophets in addition to Abraham had the keys or authority from God to participate in or perform plural marriages, and those who received plural wives under the direction of these prophets stood blameless before God.

marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia Marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia
marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia Marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia
marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia Marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia
marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia Marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia
marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia Marriage of joseph hall vienna virginia

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