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You are Not Alone. There is Hope.

I have been a practicing therapist for over 30 years. I have a breadth of training and experience. I am ethical,promoting high professional standards. I am caring and thorough, with a significant amount of compassion. My style is somewhat straight-forward, and I tend to tell it like I see it, hoping to help people move forward in a positive, but short term way. When I work with children and families, I believe I'm in the presence of something sacred.

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Parents want to be the best they can be, and they are doing miraculous things, every day. I love to hold up a proverbial mirror and let parents and caregivers see what I see: Good Stuff. Problems appear in the best of families. The demands of work, family, relationships, and parenting can feel like too much with no where to turn. I am here to help you find new ways to cope with the stressful demands, improve relationships so they are more satisfying, become more effective parents, and learn ways to reduce the harmful effects of daily stress on your life.

Make an appointment today, so we can get started on helping you become your best self! Do you feel discontent or misunderstood?

Are you experiencing conflict in your relationship? My passion is helping people and I'm here to help you.

Whether it's repairing a struggling relationship, transitioning through a new stage of life, restoring life after a trauma, or discovering new potential, I am honored to walk alongside you and provide hope, insight, strength, and inspiration to help you along your journey. Office is near:. There is no fee for our initial consult.

Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Columbia, South Carolina

We can determine a plan for addressing your needs attending to areas where you may feel stuck or stagnant. Within the counseling relationship, you begin to see complicated issues more clearly, once overwhelming difficulties become manageable. By identifying and applying your own unique strengths to difficult situations you begin to not only survive but strive. As a Licensed Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist, I approach each situation through a positive, strength-based approach that addresses all areas of relationships, and sexuality.

My desire is for you to flourish in your marriage. My work is informed by leading research, cultural trends, and a spiritual perspective. My focus is to help support you toward achieving recovery, healing and peace while providing solid tools that help you discover new ways of facing life's difficulties.

Together, we can seek to halt the destruction of unhealthy patterns while bringing hope and healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts, and troubled lives. Regardless of current challenges, we can work together, step-by-step, to effectively help you move toward the next stage of growth.

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It oftentimes means that there is something in your life that you would like to change for the better. As a therapist, I strive to empower individuals and families to recognize their highest potential and create lasting change. I draw from various therapeutic modalities ,but most often work from a strengths based and solution focused approach. In turn, my hope is to assist those whom I serve in discovering and maintaining confidence in their ability to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

I also use hypnosis to help patients to overcome phobias, fears, obesity, smoking, and to improve academic or sports performance. I use a caring, and direct, solution-focused approach to help individuals and couples find solutions to their difficulties.

Marriage Counseling Therapists in Orangeburg, SC

In most cases, problems in living can be resolved sooner than later. If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, I would love to help you find new ways to approach problems and make the changes you desire. I provide a safe and confidential environment in which you will be able to work through stress, loss and difficult transitions. You can experience healing from painful life experiences. Couples can create new ways of being together. You can find hope, joy and meaning in this world, even in the hard times.

Patients come to Dr. Joseph Boland for treatment because he does far more than just listen to their problems, he provides clear, precise i. Columbia, SC Columbia, Lisa Gibson's mission is to provide personalized counseling services based on the client's needs. Lisa Gibson uses a combination of interventions including client or person centered, solution focused as well as cognitive behavioral techniques. Lisa's experience is with a wide range of clients including adults with chronic mental illness. Columbia, South Carolina Do something different. Emotion, not information, drives behavior.

The goal of our work is to help you create a deep emotional change which moves you toward greater health. Relaxation allows you to be more emotionally open, so I use hypnosis and guided imagery. This is a solution focused brief therapy approach, so we usually work between 3 and 9 we. Healthy living is not just about eating right and exercising.

It is important for individuals to be aware of their mental health as well as their physical. At Macon Changes, we provide support and interventions to ensure stability across all life areas. We address topics such as employment issues, home life, social relationships, spiritual developm.

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It is my desire to provide therapy in a relaxed, kind and supportive environment. I understand how overwhelming it can be to seek help so I am careful to meet clients where they are emotionally and work at a pace comfortable to them. Many of our problems stem from thoughts, experiences and beliefs that developed years ago in our past, but still af.

Marriage Counseling Therapists in Seneca, SC

Irmo, SC Irmo, If you are being held captive by your negative thought patterns, trauma, or compulsive sexual behavior there is hope. My counseling approach integrates empathy, insight, introspection, and hope into each session. I offer an eclectic style for individual, couples, and group counseling that is centered around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In the firs. Lexington, South Carolina Lexington, Do you feel lost, invisible and unimportant in life? Ever want to feel accepted and loved for who you are? I work on feeling real. I believe we all have a deep desire to live a life that best expresses who we truly are, even when we get confused or lose our way.

My high standands of integrity and ethics add the perfect ingredients for this important healing work. It is my belief that a strong therapeutic relationship is crucial for psychotherapy to be effective. I offer a compassionate, strengths-based approach combined with a desire to help others overcome barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals. Angela L. Are you struggling with marriage, parenting, or other relationship issues? Having difficulty coping with trauma, anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, or military-specific stressors? Are you looking for a counselor who can incorporate faith into sessions?

Then I'm available to walk alongside you during this time of struggle. I can help you find and attain goals that will build momentum in your life, help you move in a positive direction once again, and support healing in the relationships that matter most to you.

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It's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference" by Virginia Satir. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, whether it's because they struggle with anxiety or depression, want to improve their relationships, are faced with work or other life transitions, or generally want to engage in greater self-awareness and personal growth. My approach to therapy is best described as interactive and engaging. I use a variety of therapeutic tools and strategies, which are tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client.

I have many years of educational experience to include two Master's Degrees; one in Human Resource Development and the other in Counseling. I have a doctorate degree in Health Psychology. This enables me to use a holistic educational approach by using the Bio- psychosocial and spiritual if requested model providing tools to the client. Every client is an unique individual and this is how I use either specific or multiple psychological therapies. Not one person is the same.

marriage counselors in south carolina Marriage counselors in south carolina
marriage counselors in south carolina Marriage counselors in south carolina
marriage counselors in south carolina Marriage counselors in south carolina
marriage counselors in south carolina Marriage counselors in south carolina
marriage counselors in south carolina Marriage counselors in south carolina
marriage counselors in south carolina Marriage counselors in south carolina
marriage counselors in south carolina Marriage counselors in south carolina

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