Marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882

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His grandmother was from the Cherokee triber in or born in Jamestown, TN. His grandmother was Nora Pierce.

Her maiden name was Nora Lowrey. Her mothers last name was Conaster,?. We do not have a first name. Rita A. White Query: Info. Coyote lookin for her pack. The timeframe conincides with birthdates, etc. Also found two Wrens on Dawes Roll believed to be great uncles. This is my maternal side. Am attempting to register with Cherokee Nation. All grandparents and both parents are deceased. Lucy Rodgers — mother of John. They were from Va. Married surname was Kidwell, possibly Rebecca or Elizabeth.

Was governess in plantation, married owner Kidwell after his wife and children died in the Civil War. She was his 4th or 5th wife. Had 18 children. Family lore says he was Cherokee but unable to find this tribe in Maryland. Unable to find names of his parents, which one was Indian or what tribe they belonged to.

Married to James Worcester, then Ike Harrop. She summered on the Reservation in Oklahoma, and wintered in Indiana.

Thomas Benjamin 'Blunt' Gleaves

She has high cheek bones and her ancestors are from Tennesee. She was born in Lenoir N. I am interested in tracking how much Cherokee blood she has. About a white woman, Lucinda Warner, was abducted to the Cherokee settlemen where Rutherford lived. She had a child by him, Alfred Warner, born I would like to find out anything possible about Rutherford. Married to John Franklin Welton. Possibly lived in in Low Gap Springs, Arkansas.

Had a daughter born that year named Zula Nora Ethel. Lived in Claiborne County, Tennessee in and I would like to have information of spouse and children.

He was thought to have had several children of which Elvis and Sarah Elizabeth was two. It has been handed down that he was of Native American descent. Had 5 children. Searching for her parents or siblings. Mary Ann married Wm. White 12 April in Mt.


Vernon, Lawrence Co. Sandra Wright Query: Ann Hutchins born late 19th century, died around the turn of the century, in Tenn.

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Married George Washington Wright. Mother of Helen, Hal and Ronnie. Hal was born June 8, in Austin, Texas.

The Descendants of Anguish and Nancy McLoud

Her mother was Cherokee and her father Teague was French. I have very little known history on either side of my family. Lived possibley in Missouri and Arkansas. Looking for any known info. I am looking for any and all information that can be found. Arney b: Dec. My grandmother says that David L. Anyone have more info? Schoolboy Query: Do you have a map of where the Cherokee were found? I am part Cherokee and proud of it. She married Andrew M. She had seven children. My grandmother is Vida Tackett Harris. I want to know my Cherokee roots. He married a Nancy Josephine Minton in Okla.

She died and is buried in Altoona, Kansas. These were my grandparents and was told that they were Cherokee and I am unable to find any information about them. Betty J. Sims Query: Rhoda Belle Dodson b. She lived in Popular Bluffs, Mo. She married Cornellius Walter Harkness 9 Jul please contact me if you have any information about this family. I have been told of Cherokee relatives many generations ago. Vicky C. I was born Mcloud on to a George Tabor, Jr. I am trying to trace my Cherokee heritage.


Louiser was my great grandmother. The family states she was Native American, possibly Cherokee. Mary M. Hodges Query: Looking for relatives of Jesse Chisholm. For some reason, they never responded to my queries. Trying to substantiate relationship to Mr. Some relatives are registered with Western Band Rolls-Tallequah. Hope you find your relatives. Married Nancy Jane Hampton. Son William R. Born Celina, TN. Deibel Query: Stringfield Posted: November She is my grandmother.

Kim J. Trying to establish Indian Heritage for adoption reasons. Need to verify that Laura Nicholas was in fact Cherokee Indian. Danny Hamilton Query: Marcellis Camp: I have no record of birth, his daugter, born is my great grandmother. Marcellis parents were Lennard and Mary Jane Camp. He married Sallie Paige or Page in ? I am looking for his parents, siblings, or any other children he may have had. Martha was a full blood Cherokee. Indian name was Bright Water. May 23, in Drumright, Creek Co. She was married to Edward Morgan Stanley b. May 1, d.

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July 30, in Drumright, Creek Co. The date would have been after for their marriage. He was born before Grandma told me that her father or grandfather was Chief Bird.

marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882 Marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882
marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882 Marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882
marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882 Marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882
marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882 Marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882
marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882 Marriage records mcloud oklahoma 1882

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