Kentucky same sex marriage laws

Taxes and Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples in Kentucky

On May 15, , Judge Piazza expanded his ruling to strike down the additional law and any other measures that made gay marriage illegal, but on May 16, the State Supreme Court suspended that ruling, halting all gay marriages within the state.

Same-sex marriage in Kentucky

On Nov. An appeal was then filed with the US Supreme Court.

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On Apr. On Mar. An appeal to either the full bench of the court or directly to the US Supreme Court is expected.

The ruling only applies to St. Louis, where same-sex couples began applying for marriage licenses shortly after the decision.

On Feb. Davis cited her religious beliefs, saying she was acting under "God's authority.

Case Timeline

She was released from jail when her staff issued licenses in her absence. She was elected to the clerk's job as a Democrat in , but later switched parties because she said the Democratic Party "abandoned her. She didn't back away from her stand, saying at a fall campaign debate that she didn't treat anyone unfairly, and that she took an oath to uphold the constitution. She said she treated everyone equally because she quit issuing marriage licenses altogether.

LGBT Rights in Kentucky, United States | Equaldex

At the same debate, Caudill said if elected he would treat everyone equally because he took an oath to uphold the law. Caudill criticized Davis for hiring her son to work for her. Davis defended the hiring, saying her son is someone she can trust to oversee human resources and handle the office computers. Kentucky voters in overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Section In Kentucky, gay couples are explicitly forbidden from legally recognizing their relationship. In Kentucky, gay marriage is banned in the state's Constitution and in Statutes.

In fact, the laws banning same sex marriage are very clear and explicit in Kentucky. Gay marriage, and other same sex relationships, receive no legal recognition whatsoever in Kentucky. Marriage is clearly defined in law, several times, to avoid any allowance for same sex couples.

In fact, the law clearly states that it will no recognize any same sex relationship, even couples that were legally married in another state. In Kentucky, gay couples are not entitled to any rights and responsibilities that are usually afforded to marriage.

Gay Marriage Laws in Kentucky

This includes issues pertaining to health care decisions, health insurance, the right to own joint property and even the right to divorce. In fact, no individuals can be ordered to pay alimony or to divide property.

In Kentucky, gay rights are treated differently then the rights of the rest of the citizens of the state.

kentucky same sex marriage laws Kentucky same sex marriage laws
kentucky same sex marriage laws Kentucky same sex marriage laws
kentucky same sex marriage laws Kentucky same sex marriage laws
kentucky same sex marriage laws Kentucky same sex marriage laws
kentucky same sex marriage laws Kentucky same sex marriage laws

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