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To avoid gathering dust, do not leave a disc on your record player for long periods of time. Keep your records away from sunlight. Just like paintings, vinyl sleeves that are kept in the sun will fade and crack over time. To keep the cover art looking vibrant and beautiful, store your records in a shady room away from windows and direct sunlight.

Remember: even if you have no front facing vinyls, the sunlight can still affect the edges of your record cases. Avoid extremely hot or cold areas. When exposed to extreme heat, vinyl records can melt and warp around the edges, making them unplayable. When exposed to extreme cold, your records will become brittle, making them easy to break. Moving suddenly from cold to hot may cause unwanted condensation, ruining the album cover. Stay away from extremely humid rooms.

Avoid areas that are extremely humid or prone to leaks as they can cause your vinyls to develop mold or mildew. Unless they are sealed and well-insulated, avoid basements, attics, sheds, garages, and similar areas. Avoid open, dusty areas. Dust is the primary culprit behind dirty and ruined records. As such, do not store your vinyls in seldom frequented areas exposed to the open air.

Instead, make sure your albums are loosely packed together so that only the cardboard edges are exposed to dust. For optimal results, expect to dust the edges of your records about once a week. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips If necessary, gently run a small carbon fibre brush over your disc to clean it. Warnings When storing vinyls, avoid areas with exposure to sunlight, extreme heat or cold, extreme humidity, dust, and open air. When not in use, store your vinyls to avoid clogging the grooves with dust and dirt.

1. Dovetail Record Crate

Related wikiHows. It has black powder coated 18 G.

How to store your record collection in 8 steps

Steel shelves with durable black, industrial, long grain particle board sides. Also, its top-back shelf has been raised to facilitate browsing. The bottom shelf will give you easy access to records stacked vertically in a row. Steel, powder coated a glossy solid black. The two bottom feet run the length of the unit and have soft rubber discs on each corner to protect your surface.

LPBIN also offers a small, wall-mountable storage unit that can hold up to 25 records. The components are hand-assembled using no staples, cardboard, plastic, or MDF. The Record Shelf System offers exceptional material and handcrafted quality. Each shelf can hold up to records and you can add extra units as needed.

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Mapleshade also offers an interlocking finished Maple base to raise the bottom shelf 2" off the floor and a fitted caster base to mobilize your collection. Quadraspire was established in by Dutch designer Eddie Spruit in an East London Studio and now has its own manufacturing facility in Bath, England where they design and make high performance HiFi racks. Their LP Qube is a beautiful and simple solution to all your record storage needs.

Each Qube can hold up to LPs with glass dividers providing good protection and optional glass doors to keep them dust free. Established in , Sefour designs and manufactures dj stands, studio desks, vinyl storage and studio furniture, using state of the art manufacturing facilities. Their current line of vinyl storage features a single and a double record carry box and a vertical storage unit. The boxes hold up to records and can be easily moved using the integrated chrome handle.

Also, this creates a section on the top of the box where you can place the cover of the playing record or prepare the next one to be played. The vertical unit has a curved profiling and can hold up to records on 4 shelves delimited by chrome support bars. Simple Wood Goods creates modular cubes for record storage.

Each cube is hand made from solid baltic birch plywood, acrylic front and maple feet. High quality joints create a sturdy assembly that will last as long as your collection. Sanded to a super smooth finish, the units are coated with three coats of matte lacquer. The acrylic lid slides into the wood cube in two positions: open for displaying, or closed for keeping things looking tidy.

The acrylic lids are available in eight colors, some opaque and some transparent, so you can choose what looks best in your home. They offer a custom project service for bespoke units tailored to your requirements and the Sound Desk range of DJ booths workstations and vinyl storage.

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  4. 27 Vinyl Record Storage And Shelving Solutions.

Manufactured in 18mm MDF with silky smooth rounded ends ready to wax, paint or just use as is. A new addition to the company's record storage units is the modular RSP range.

Additional components like desks and plinths can be added to create DJ desks and furniture. Symbol handcrafts high quality furniture for music lovers with a range of storage solutions for media and audio components. Their AERO audio and entertainment cabinet line offers a unique alternative to the mass produced entertainment cabinets and audio racks currently available. The modular approach makes it easy for you to configure a custom cabinet that satisfies your specific storage and component requirements. You can mix and match four standard finishes to further personalize your cabinet.

Solid maple cabinets come in three lacquer colors, while the solid walnut cabinets have a durable, low sheen clearcoat that protects and enhances the natural beauty the wood. Urbangreen is a furniture manufacturer based in Brooklyn, locally designing and handcrafting real wood furniture, available online and in-store. They currently offer a line of functional record cabinets and cubes with a minimalist look.

The LP Record Cabinets and Media Cubes are made with a combination of high quality real wood, solids and select veneers. The cabinet is hand finished with waterborne stains, paints and top coats of a superior quality.

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Vinyl record storage shelves

All the finishes used are of the lowest VOC finishes available in the market, and are not harmful for humans and pets. This industrial vinyl storage shelf has been crafted from rustic wooden panels housed in a sturdy, worn metal frame. The unit is perfectly sized to accommodate a smaller record collection, but the height of the shelves is too small to hold boxed records. Stan Pike makes a variety of record album storage solutions. All cabinets come in a standard style made of clear eastern pine with mahogany, oak or walnut legs and joinery details, or may be made in a variety of hard woods including ash, cherry, maple, oak and walnut.

All cabinets are completely made by hand to exacting quality standards and should last a life time.

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Typical storage capacity is 80 LPs per cubicle and they are sized to hold all record albums including boxed sets. Wax Rax was founded by designer, metal fabricator, and artist David Stanavich and builds premier vinyl record storage units in Brooklyn, NY. Crafted from anodized aluminum possessing the strength of steel, the thin elegant profiles disregard the extreme weight of the vinyl.

The mobile RC series carts are the perfect interface between a music collectors library and the turntable. The front-facing carts put your LPs in easy reach with full view of the album art, creating that record store experience at home. Kallax - from Ikea. I have two of the units with 8 cubes in a wood finish.

Vinyl Record Storage and Wall Display Racks

Sturdy as hell, good vertical separation and an inch or so above a standard 12" record sleeve in clearance. In the larger sizes 4x4 and 5x5 , you definitely need to be careful about properly assembling them and attaching them to a wall. Seems obvious, but a lot of people don't pay close attention to assembly. Then, this happens.

Personally, I reinforced my 4x4 to give it a better chance of staying together. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Vinyl record storage shelves. What are your thoughts? Log in or Sign up log in sign up. I would say convenient. Continue this thread. Edit: added the word vertical for clarification.

vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic
vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic
vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic
vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic
vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic
vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic
vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic
vertical vinyl record storage pic Vertical vinyl record storage pic

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