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To be sure, KBB is a great resource for consumers and dealers alike. It offers a consensus listing that helps people buy used cars at fair prices every day.

Get the details and data on a vehicle by viewing:

Because the KBB is a guide, the prices and information contained in it suggest a range of prices that a used car should sell or buy for. For buyers, the guide usually has two price suggestions.

The first is if you buy the car directly from the previous owner, while the other one is if you buy the car from a dealership. If you are selling the car, the KBB will offer the suggested list sale price in a private sale and the trade in value to a dealer. KBB obtains used car prices on a daily basis from a variety of resources across the country, such as wholesale auctions, independent and franchised dealers, rental fleets, auto manufacturers, lenders, and private party transactions.

KBB then uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes pricing data along with historical trends, current economic conditions, industry developments, time of year, and location to determine KBB values.

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Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or trade in your used car, transactions will differ from one car to the next. The value of cars is adjusted based on different factors including, mileage, the vehicle age and model year, its exterior condition—rust, dings and dents, the interior condition of upholstery or seats and features like power locks, windows, and seats, or an upgraded sound system.

The transmission, automatic or manual, is a determining factor in the resale value. Although dealerships don't publicize their invoice prices, Kelley has relationships with manufacturers. The Blue Book value is another matter.

Free car valuations and used car prices

Employees in Kelley's Data Collection division gather information from thousands of transactions at dealerships across the United States, analyze the data, and come up with a price that reflects the actual price that people pay when they buy their cars at a dealership. Kelley Blue Book doesn't provide a similar value for used cars, because there is no practical way to track used car sales.

What's My Car Worth - Blue Book Used Car & Trade-In Values - Kelley

Many of these sales are between private individuals, so Kelley has no way of knowing actual selling prices. In this case, Kelley Blue Book applies its 75 years of car appraisal experience to determine prices. It starts with the value of the car when it was new and takes into account market forces that are in play at the time. Cars with good fuel efficiency are in demand right now, so they might fetch higher prices.

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The depreciation of a car's value is calculated based on previous model years, the quality of the car and the number of cars on the used car market. Common cars that were bought in bulk for rental company fleets command lower prices because the used car market is virtually flooded with them.

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High-quality cars, or cars that were made in limited quantities, receive a higher value. Cars known to have long-term mechanical problems will depreciate to a greater extent. Optional equipment, mileage, and the overall condition of the car will also affect the price.

Blue book check car price
Blue book check car price
Blue book check car price
Blue book check car price
Blue book check car price
Blue book check car price

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