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Factors that prevent IPP eligibility include:.

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It is also important to note that, even if an individual is eligible for the IPP program , the Court can still exercise its discretion and deny the individual the privilege of being accepted into the program. If and when the defendant is permitted admission into the IPP program , they will subjected to a period of house arrest after their incarceration. The individual must also have a working telephone line in their dwelling and will be required to report in on a weekly basis.

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Alternatives to Jail

Essentially, there are three tiers to DUIs in Pennsylvania and they are based primarily on what the chemical tests results show. The first or lowest tier is for with a blood alcohol content or BAC or between. The penalties are more severe if the person has more alcohol in his or her system and even more severe if it's NOT the first DUI in the past ten years. I don't need an attorney because it's my first DUI and I'll just get a slap on the wrist OR I don't need an attorney because they caught me red-handed and I have no defense.

Consequences For a Second Offense

A DUI is a criminal offense. If convicted, it will stay on your record without the possibility of getting it erased or expunged. An attorney can help you get into a diversionary program such as ARD.

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition is a program for first time offenders involved in nonviolent offenses. It allows for diminished penalties such as no jail time, a reduced license suspension if any at all and the ability to have all record of the arrest expunged.

However, the local District Attorney's office has total discretion in allowing an offender into the program. An attorney can help someone get into the program with least severe penalties.

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Often a District Attorney's Office will reject someone's ARD application for no apparent reason; an attorney can negotiate with the proper authorities to assure that the application gets proper consideration. Additionally, an attorney can properly evaluate whether or the not the police violated any constitutional rights of an alleged offender.

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If convicted, I will lose my license for a period of time but I can get a bread and butter license to get back and forth to work. Most DUI conviction result in a license suspension.

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Otherwise, the license suspension is at least one year. However, if the accused is accepted into the ARD program, the license suspension decreases from one year to two months if your BAC is over. If someone receives an ARD license suspension, they are NOT eligible for an occupational limited license, often referred to as a bread and butter license. The only DUI offense that is eligible for a bread and butter license is IF the violation is your first offense and given a one year license suspension.

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