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One, the Carolus, given by Charles V. The squadri. James Uosette says: "If tho Americans insist upon the uew Monroe doctrine, rendering tho United States the absolute and Irrespouslbto arbiter of tillalrs on u continent one third or which ie British, what uu.

Greut Britain cannot avert the consequences of yielding.

The Times from London, Greater London, England on June 23, · Page 16

It is misleading optimism tu pretend anything else. He will bo authorized to negotiate with Venezuela for a settlement of tin- boundary dispute, II the latter assents to trout with him.

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Tlioro ls reason to state that prior to his arrival at Georgetown overtures will ho made through the Brazilian Government to the Government at Caracas, which, it is expected, will bring Sir Augustus ln direct eomuiunlctttlou with the Venezuelan Government. Tho F'oreigu Olflce Ignores the Venezuelan Consulate here ln mutters of diplomacy : so the consulate, of course, knows nothing officially of whnt is going on.

Nevertheless, It can be stated on good authority that Lord Salisbury ls endeavoring, through it neutral power, to resume direct negotiations with Venezuela, and will propose the appointment ol a joint commission to delimit the frontier. Should this commission fail to reach tt complete agreement, the points In dispute will be referred to a third power Ior decision. The Cnblnct will not meet again until early in February, when the Queen's speech, to he read at the opening ol Parliament, will bo prepared.

The Princo ol Wales has accepted an invitation to visit tho Czar at St. Ho will go thence to Moscow, where the coronation of the Czar will take place. They will bo banqueted and feted at the military clubs and by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House. Excursions will be arranged Ior them In tho country, nnd they will lio given tt general welcome. Experts In the law ol tho South African republic concur ln the bollel that if the penalties for treason are enforced iu full, tho Boor Government "ill make a rich haul through the confiscation ot the property of those who are convicted ol that crime.

The clemency shown by the Boers to Dr.

Much more than documents.

Jameson nnd the other raiders Is suspected to cover their intention to keep their grip on the better spoil. Jameson, Mr. In the meantime, the hand of the British Government, which cannot now be seen In the deal, wll be disclosed It Portugal consents to dispose of tho territory In question.

How H Smart. A mnn was recently tried Ior stealing a watch Irom a lady in an omnibus. The mini declared that tlte watch was his and the woman wns mistaken lu Identifying It us hors.

Texas TakeDown: Classy DUI Episode

Suddenly tho magistrate usked, " Where's the hey? The magistrate asked hlin 11 he wound the watch Irequontly with the key, and ho said, " Yes. He opened the case, but could not find any place to use the key. It was a keyless watch! He was committed for trial. Papa has lots of bonds, and they say he knows a good thing when he sees It.

While sweetest smiles bestowing Her followers npon, SheB always "Going! He looked vaguely at the boulevards Invaded by a noisy army ol sweepers; he examined the still Bleep- ling houses.. Arrived at his friend's door, Servon rang like a man who lui no time to spare.

Tlio valet who came to open the door looked ut him In surprise, and told him that his master was still sleeping. As a matter of fact, it was only eight o'clock, but the vlscouut Insisted, and followed on the servant's heels Into Precey'B bedroom, who was stretching himsell and swearing beneath the clothes. I'll bet you lost again last night. Precey seemed not to know ot his adventure.


But, then, Irom whence had the parcel, which he had received- lu prison come? The vlscouut had not come to the end ol his surprises. But how did you get the Idea of going boar-hunting at Solorige, iu this dreadful weather, and of setting out without even giving yourself the time to tell your man? It looks to me like a fairy-tale, and I should say there's u lady In the case.

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I did not think you were such a Don Juan. Look at youreell In the glass, and eee how queer you look. Ho tells me that you - have gone o.

Daily Louisville Democrat, 1856-03-04

I write what he wishes, without understanding much about your doings; as I knew you were always rather eccentric, I don't trouble myselt further about It. But your vacant look begins to make ' me suspicious. Have you been victimised by some thief who made use of me to clothe himself at ypur expense? It would be a queer business.

Come, did you receive the parcel,'yes or no?

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Ue felt tlie necessity ol putting a good face on it, and at the same time he was dying to know what had happened during his absence. Wua it real y po. A fresh question from his friend baffled him completely, i "But;" said Precey, "what brings you here ut au Hour when ull honest lolke are fast asleep? It's a mania very torelgn to. He hoped Precey would touch ol his owu accord on tlie subject which i uterested nidi most, and the latter did bo upon allusion lielng made to the club and curds, " By-thc-bye," said he, " tlo you know the grand news'. You don't see Police Gazette at Sologne, then?

He was picked up assassinated ln some den In Montmartre, and the most peculiar tiling is thnt his murderer ls none other than one ot tbe footmen at the club. You know that dark ono, An- tolne or Richard. I don't remember now. It appears that our partner Pancorvo was simply the chief ot a band of robbers, and that Richard served as bis spy for nocturnal expeditions. If ever I introduce anyone at the club without knowing all about him, you are at liberty to call me a raving maniac. This Pancorvo was u rascal; but in the East people aro not bo particular, and I was glad enough to meet him.

Has he heen arrested?

Word position

The police tire making enquiries, aB usual, but I think they'll have to enquire for a long time. They say even that heaps of people have been arrested, and there are all sorts of stories flying about; but I can tell you tbat this has been the sole topic at the club for the last week, and I begin to be : so sick of it that I should prefer some other" In spite of his desire to know more, Servon saw that It would not he prudent to Insist, and he rose to go, not being sorry to Hnd himsell once more on his way home.

Thus, this mysterious protector who had watched over Servon ior the last two months still continued to do so, and un unknown Iriend had performed the double miracle ot establishing his Innocence befors the magistrate and concealing his arrest from the public.

The viscount began to believe that he was living in a fantastic, world, like one of the personages ln Hoffmann's stories. This was the feverish desire to unravel this Inextricable tangle ol Incomprehensible circumstances. He felt that it would be impossible for him to regain his peace of mind, as long ns he failed to see his way clearly to the bottom of them. But from whom could he get any Information?

phillip dours bell county texas dwi Phillip dours bell county texas dwi
phillip dours bell county texas dwi Phillip dours bell county texas dwi
phillip dours bell county texas dwi Phillip dours bell county texas dwi
phillip dours bell county texas dwi Phillip dours bell county texas dwi
phillip dours bell county texas dwi Phillip dours bell county texas dwi
phillip dours bell county texas dwi Phillip dours bell county texas dwi

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