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And indeed, they did initially agree to our request — on official letterhead! But then suddenly, for unknown reasons, they backtracked and withdrew their agreement. And then they denied our FOIL appeal. So we had to do the whole lawyer thing. The city was supposed to answer our case in court on Friday, September 25th, but instead they came to our attorneys on Monday, September 21st to work out a settlement, which was entirely in our favor.

We got every microfilm we wanted. The other two films had to be retrieved from a different city vault for copying and they arrived in late January The very generous people at the non-profit group FamilySearch scanned all of the films for us in February and March , for free, on their professional-grade scanning equipment, and then they mailed us back all the microfilms and a new portable hard drive full of all the newly-digitized images.

Thanks, FamilySearch! Then we uploaded the images to the non-profit and extremely awesome Internet Archive archive. By April 15, , 44 out of the 48 microfilms were online for free use, and the last four films went online shortly thereafter. Once all the scanning and uploading was completed, we donated the 48 microfilms to the New York State Library in Albany in June Check out the thank you letter we received in the sidebar.

Yes, the for-profit genealogical companies will be also allowed to post these images to their own websites, if they want to do that. Yes, non-profit groups and individual researchers can use and re-post these images too.

The data is totally in the public domain, and the important thing is that this information is now online, for free, for everyone. We really do hope that someone will turn the scanned images of this index into a transcribed and searchable database, to make life easier for researchers. We hope to have more details about this soon. Issued August 12, These 46 microfilms -- brand new and created from the master copies in the city vault -- arrived in California on October 14, Record Type: Marriage Records.

Albany city marriages and — and county marriages — are available at:. You can get Buffalo marriages — by writing to the Erie County Clerk's offices. Buffalo marriages to the present and Yonkers marriages to the present can be obtained from the respective city registrars of vital statistics. Gretna Greens.

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When an eloping New York couple's marriage is not in their home county, search for it in alternate places like: [14]. For New York City's five boroughs and some other counties, many newspaper notices of births, marriages, and deaths have been published. See New York Newspapers for a partial list. You will also find that many church marriage records have been published or have been microfilmed for the five boroughs.

  1. Index to New York State Marriages (Outside of New York City), | Reclaim The Records.
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Before , divorce was practically nonexistent in New York. Some petitions for divorce were made to the governor or legislature, but only a few were granted. Records of divorces granted by acts of the legislature consist both of the legislative act and petitions that were sent to the legislature. Acts of divorce are indexed in the index mentioned under the " Law and Legislation " page. From —, divorces were recorded in chancery court records. Chancery court divorces are at the state archives.

New York Public Records

Since , the supreme court has recorded divorce proceedings. Many people before found it easier to obtain a divorce out of state. Access to supreme court divorce records less than years old is prohibited without judicial permission. You must obtain a court order to see a file. The actual trial records are sealed. The Family History Library has microfilmed very few divorce judgments.

For New York County, only the index to divorce records has been microfilmed in Index to Matrimonial Actions, — [16]. The New York State Department of Health's Adoption Information Registry provides a method for adopted children and birth parents to share information and possibly have a reunion. The Web site provides links to the needed forms, explains how to register, and notes applicable restrictions.

For instance, only an adoptee who was born and adopted in New York State can register.

  1. The New York City Marriage Index, - presented by Reclaim The Records.
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These links will take you to wiki pages describing alternate sources for birth, marriage and death records. Cemetery Records : Cemetery records are a rich source of birth and death information.

Index to New York State Marriages (Outside of New York City), | Reclaim The Records

These records may also reveal family relationships. Census : Census records are a valuable source for birth and marriage information. You may also determine approximate time of death when the individual disappear from the census. This is a good place to begin a search.

Newspapers : Besides obituaries, local newspapers may contain birth and marriage announcements and death notices. Periodicals : Local genealogical and historical societies often publish periodicals which may contain abstracted early birth, marriage and death information.

Probate Records : If no death record exists, probate records may be helpful in estimating when an individual has died. Some early Probate Indexes include death date of individual. See Rockland County Surrogate Image on the right. The Death date of the individual is found in the column next to the Surname listed. Probate records in the 20th Century often contain the exact death date.

Often this information is found in county-level records or in surname searches of the FamilySearch Catalog. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. New York Wiki Topics. United States. Vital Records. New York. Bowman and Thomas J. Indexes vital records published in Essex and Washington county newspapers.

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Lyon, State Printer, , p. Digital version at Google Books. Updated March Eakle, "Have you searched and searched for a marriage without finding it? New York City Methodist Marriages, — Camden, Maine: Picton Press, FHL Collection book For example, birth certificates for persons born at St. Birth certificates for persons born at St. Elizabeth's Hospital and St. They can be reached by calling or by visiting their website at www. Washington St. Although the records center does not house Vital Records, many of our resources are useful in compiling genealogies.

We have a number of city directories for the cities of Rome and Utica, large collection of DAR records, marriage records from , local newspapers from , as well as deeds and mortgages.

public records new york marriage Public records new york marriage
public records new york marriage Public records new york marriage
public records new york marriage Public records new york marriage
public records new york marriage Public records new york marriage
public records new york marriage Public records new york marriage

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