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There's a lot more than you think in a name. In fact, you may actually be able to tell how old he is just by looking at name data give or take a few decades. If his name is Marshall, he may be in his late 30s, given the time that name was popular. If his name is Fred, he's probably on the older side for the same reason.

If the internet has failed you, it's time to get crafty. Technology is an easy way to draw out his age. Bring up how quickly technology has been developed, and discuss the first type of phone you owned. Slyly bringing up school is one of the easiest ways to get to know his age. We're typically drawn to people who are the same age as us, whether they are long-lasting friendships from college or new best friends from work. He'll probably bring up his friends at some point during conversation.

But if not, ask him what he likes to do for fun or start talking about your friends from school. He'll likely start talking about his friends, as well. Keep an ear out for whether or not most of his friends have kids, if they're married and what they like to do together. Music tends to come up naturally in conversion. But make sure to carefully listen to his favorite artists and genres. If he's a big rock or old-school hip-hop lover, he could be on the older side.

But if he's always talking about the Top 40 or the latest independent music, he's likely younger. Ask him about health insurance next time you're with him. You can bring it up by mentioning news or complaining about your own health insurance plan. If he mentions Medicare, he's probably upwards of And if you can't tell he's 65, then I don't know what to tell you.

You could look intelligent and suggest a plan for him, or you could run! You may not want to jump into the rocky world of politics when you're just starting to become interested in someone. However, it can tell you a ton about a guy's age. Make sure to bring up your past observations when it comes to policy and news. Once you start talking about which presidents and policies you liked, he's likely to do the same and reveal how long he's been keeping an eye on the government.

Along with politics, this one can be a touchy subject. You should always start by talking about your own parents — how great they are, issues you've had with them in the past or simply the fact that you're planning to visit them soon. If he seems interested, ask him about his parents. If they've died, things may seem a little awkward. You have the best chance of getting the right information at the lowest cost. And since it had the second-best accuracy grade in our tests, you have a good chance of paying for good information.

How To (correctly) Guess Someone’s Age EVERY TIME

In our test, each person said their reports were accurate with addresses, relatives, properties and businesses, but there were some inconsistencies with phone numbers and email addresses. In addition, the marriages of each person we bought reports on were not included in the reports. Social media and work history information was also not in the report. It lets you skip to relevant sections using the menu, making it particularly easy to navigate compared to some services. Every people search service claims to provide accurate reports, but Instant Checkmate was the most accurate in our tests.

Not only was the information the most accurate, it included information many other services neglected, such as marriage and divorce records. It also flagged potential criminal records rather than including the information indiscriminately. The reports we purchased included current and correct phone numbers, email addresses, relatives and associates and current and former addresses going back 15 years.

The reports are also among the cleanest and best designed. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to this service is the cost. Often, the easiest path to finding and contacting a person is through their work, former work associates and coworkers. The information was pulled from LinkedIn and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. BeenVerified did struggle to find marriage and divorce records in our tests, but it provided accurate addresses, including the most recent address.

The biggest downside to BeenVerified is the pricing structure. We also reviewed people search services keeping in mind that they are designed for personal use only, rather than professional use. Those types of background checks are done by consumer reporting agencies, which are different services.

The services we reviewed all pull records from public databases and other public sources like social media accounts. Some variability is natural, so to account for that we ordered reports for multiple people so that we could assess discrepancies and include them in our ranking. To test these services, we purchased, people searches for three different people, including one of our reviewers.

Our search targets had names that ranged from very common to fairly uncommon, which let us see how well the search element of these services worked. For each report we purchased, we had the subjects verify the information to ensure it was as accurate as possible.

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We looked at email and phone numbers, addresses, assets, marriages, divorces, relatives and criminal history information in each report. We also checked to see if the information was current. We found that most of these services did a good job with addresses, relatives and criminal history information. There was a greater variation in results when it came to finding email addresses and phone numbers, especially cell phone numbers. The information did vary depending on how much our subjects shared on their social media profile. Many people search services are adopting a subscription model.

These usually provide unlimited searches, though some operate on a credit model. We like services that give you the option to buy individual reports, since you may only be interested in information about a single person. The pricing we included is the non-promotional price.

Many services offer promotional pricing that discounts reports if you sign up for a trial during checkout. The single reports are usually sparse, containing only address and contact information. An expanded report increase in cost but they contain all the information the people search company can provide. When using a people search, we found that the more information you can provide about the person the easier it is to find them. This extra information can be as simple as adding middle names, cities, states or ages to the people finder to reduce the search time.

Most services have filters that let you narrow your results. For this information you would need to conduct a background check not a people search. We spoke to Shawn Siegal from BeenVerified to learn more about how these services are used. According to Mr. Siegal, people search services are used is to reconnect with a lost friend, family member or professional acquaintance.

They can also be useful for checking out blind dates or potential business partners. Running a search on yourself is another way to use these services. This is a good opportunity to see what information someone else can see about you. Most services also offer a way to flag information as inaccurate, which helps the service tighten its data matching and provide anyone looking for you with the right information. Of course, you can learn a lot about a person from their social media accounts. We asked Mr. Siegal how people search services differ from social media.

He told us a people search report can give you a clearer view of someone, while social media accounts present a filtered version of a person. A Pew Research Center survey found that about 46 percent of those who use people search services are trying to reconnect with old friends, estranged family members, lost business associates or former flames.

But after finding the contact information on someone from your past, you need a careful approach if you want the best chance of success.

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The friends you make while serving in the military can be some of the deepest relationships in your life. All the information people search services collect and sell is public information.

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  6. They simply make it easier to find by doing all the detective work for you, by using web-scraping software and through the purchase of data in bulk from companies like Facebook. If you want to find a person on your own for free, put your detective-cap on and start doing some internet sleuthing. Unfortunately, searches can be unproductive, especially if the person has a common name. However, there are ways to filter out the noise. First, add keywords to the name in the search bar.

    It helps to think like a witness describing a criminal to police — any identifying information can help. This provides advanced tools you can use to filter out a lot of information from the search. You can limit the results by language, specific websites, how and where the search terms appear on a page, and the published period of the websites.

    This shifts the search results from website text to images.

    People Finder - Name Search

    If you find the person, you can follow the image to the website by clicking on the image. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with 2.

    Nearly 1 in 3 people on the planet have a Facebook profile and actively use it, making the chances of finding someone very high. In fact, the chances are even higher in the U. This provides a list of people you may already know. The list of recommended friends is never ending. As long as you scroll on the page, new profiles appear. This provides a list of people with the same and similar names.

    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age
    How to look up someones age

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